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FIU Digital Project Guidelines and Help Materials

The internal standard operating procedures for FIU Libraries' digital collections

Date formats


When creating metadata, either in the METS editor or using the dPanther web form, the date format accepted by dpanther and DPLA is:


(note: you must use a dash as opposed to the slash between year, month, and day)


1. You may enter just the year (YYYY)

2. You may enter the year and month only (YYYY-MM)


Enter date ranges in the following format: 


(dPanther will sort date ranges using only the FIRST date provided, not the date after the slash)

If you do not use this format, your item may not show in dpanther or may not sort correctly. Without this format your items WILL NOT be included in DPLA, as this is also the standard date format for DPLA.


If your date information contains extra information such as, ca. or approximately, use the NOTES field to enter any other date information.

Do not include the following in your dates: ?; ca.; a period after the date; brackets; open ended dates such as 1978-; or any other variations. If you would like to preserve this type of information, use the NOTES field.