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FIU Digital Project Guidelines and Help Materials

The internal standard operating procedures for FIU Libraries' digital collections

Creating thumbnails in photoshop

To create a thumbnail for upload to dPanther:

  • save a photo or screen capture
  • open the item in photoshop
  • Choose Image from the top tabs in Photoshop and then choose Image Size
  • In the Pixel Dimensions box, look at width and height and whichever is larger, change that pixel dimension to 150, which is the largest size that can be used for thumbnails
  • Be sure to check the bottom of the box and be sure that Constrain Proportions is checked.
  • Click OK
  • Choose File from the top tabs of Photoshop and then choose Save As
  •  Under File Name add the following;  _thm
  • This allows dPanther to recognize the image upload as a thumbnail
  • Be sure the Format is set to JPEG

Uploading thumbnails to dPanther

  • Sign into the back end of dPanther:
  • Search for the record you wish to upload a thumbnail to and click on the title
  • At the very top of the page, click on the target symbol that says Quality Control
  •  Click the large grey button that says Select Files right under "Add a new page image for this package"
  • Select your thumbnail and then hit Submit
  • Afterwards, you will need to go back to the record and click on the Edit Behaviors 
  • Go down to Main Thumbnail and make sure your "thm" file is showing and click Save at the bottom. 
  • Your thumbnail should now appear on the record.