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FIU Digital Project Guidelines and Help Materials

The internal standard operating procedures for FIU Libraries' digital collections

URL for canned search


  • To create a canned search showing users a specific theme within a collection, (example: just Venetian Pool photos within the Coral Gables Memory Collection), log in to the back end of dPanther at
  • Using the Search Collection box, search for your topic (example: "newspapers")
  • You will notice that you get newspapers from many different collections, if you want to limit this to one collection you can click on the collection on the left (example: Miami Beach Digital Archive)
  • Notice that your URL now has the added aggregation code in it
  • This is the URL you will want to copy in order to show your users specific items within a collection.


  • You can also create a canned search without logging in by using the following URL and adding your search term after the = sign:
  • example with search term: Venetian Pool
  • If you only want Venetian Pool records from the Coral Gables Memory collection, you will need to add your aggregation code inbetween SOBEK and RESULTS
  • example: Pool