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FIU Digital Project Guidelines and Help Materials

The internal standard operating procedures for FIU Libraries' digital collections

Adding Audio & Video resources

Helix Server:

  1. Login to the Helix Server in the top right hand corner
    1. Your username and password are your FIU credentials
  2. Click on the UPLOAD tab near the top left
    1. You will see 5 tabs at the top; you will start in the DETAILS box
    2. Only minimal metadata is needed as the user will not see any information entered.  The link in dPanther will simply open the media.
  3. In the DETAILS section, those fields with a red asterisk are required
    1. Title: Use the FI#.  You may add the title of the video/person or audio as well (optional)
    2. Category: choose the category
    3. Description: you may keep this minimal
    4. Contributor: put in DCC
    5. Email: this should populate automatically
    6. Tags: It is not necessary to add anything here
  4. Click NEXT, this will take you to the FILE tab
    1. Click the BROWSE button to find your file and upload it
  5. Click NEXT, this will take you to the THUMBNAILS tab
    1. You may use the thumbnail image provided by the Helix server or go to your video and using screen capture, save an image to upload as a thumbnail.
  6. Click NEXT, this will take you to ASSOCIATED FILES tab
    1. If you have supplementary files, upload them here
  7. Click NEXT, this will take you to the CONFIRM tab
  8. From here, you may go back to fix errors or simply click on the FINISH button



Helix embed code for dpanther

  1. Return to the Helix server:
  2. If you have just uploaded a video or audio resource you can click on ALL under CATEGORIES in the left menu.  Your resource should be the first one in the list.  If not, use the search box to locate it.
  3. Keep in mind that it can take hours for a large file to embed.
  4. Click on the title to open it.
  5. In the right column you will see the embed code box with the Copy URL and Copy Code options.  You need a portion of the COPY CODE to paste into dpanther.  
  6. Use the portion of code beginning after the first quotation marks and ending at the following set of quotations. Use the copy function from a right click on the mouse.