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FIU Digital Project Guidelines and Help Materials

The internal standard operating procedures for FIU Libraries' digital collections

FI# Structure

The numbering system Florida International University uses in naming unique digital objects is called FI#. The numbers consist of 10 digit BIB (bibliographic IDs) and 5 digit VID (volume IDs). Collections hosted by FIU on behalf of external partners/collaborators will have FI#s set aside, assigned, and provided to the partner.

FI#s are usually sequential and may follow a simple alphanumeric system (e.g. FINM000002) or may follow a date format (e.g. FI18052202 for FIYYMMDD##).


Creating FI#s in dPanther

Note: This is only necessary when uploading in batches, or when creating FI#s for other DLS and the FDA without adding the digital materials to dPanther. You will need to have login credentials for the dPanther admin dashboard to create FI#s. If you do not have a login, please inform one of the Digital Collections Center staff, and we will create a batch of FI#s for you.



  1. Go to
  2. Select "Login" at the top
  3. Enter your login information
  4. Select "Dashboard" at the top
  5. Go to "Collection Identifiers Management"
  6. Here you can Lock New FI(s)
  7. Enter the 2-6 digit prefix
  8. Select a start date, a collection, and enter a note for the request  if applicable
  9. Enter the number of FI(s) you would like to create
  10. Your batch of FI#s will appear in the box as the "Lock Result"
  11. You may also revoke FI(s) if you locked them by mistake

If you need to check if a set of FI#s is available, us the "Check Existing FI(s)" section

  1. Enter the 2-6 digit prefix
  2. Select the effective date (for 2 digit prefixes only)
  3. If any FI(s) are found they will be displayed in the box below