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FIU Digital Project Guidelines and Help Materials

The internal standard operating procedures for FIU Libraries' digital collections

Producing and posting PDF documents into Digital Commons

1. Identify FI number to work on; scanned files should be in Cocoa->Digital Commons->FI#

2. Make sure the document is not already loaded in Digital Commons

3. Open Adobe Acrobat Professional; create PDF from multiple files

4. Browse to appropriate folder on desktop ; select all files to ‘Add’

5. Make sure files are listed in correct order; click ‘OK’\

6. Delete Copyright permissions page from PDF, if present

7. Preview entire document for completeness and image quality; print a sample to laser printer to check print quality.

8. If cropping or de-skewing is needed, go back to TIF versions and adjust in Photoshop

9. Save PDF using same FI number as tif’s

10. Perform Capture (OCR) on document.

11. Reduce file size for Adobe 6.0, overwrite file

12. In Document Properties, ‘Description’, enter title and author name, as follows:

13. Save file again.

14. Return to Digital Commons, ‘My Account’

15. Select appropriate series from pull-down menu, and click ‘Upload’

16. Enter author(s) names and affiliation

17. Enter title, including paper number (may need to get from LACC web site); and publication date (get from cover of document)

18. Upload PDF from desktop

19. Add comments, including Editor, Editorial Assistant, affiliation of author if not FIU.

If special characters are needed, use the following keys:

Macintosh (Mac):

á,é,í,ó,ú option-e + letter that goes under it (a e i o u)
ü option-u + letter that goes under it
~ option-n + letter that goes under it (n a o)
¡ option-1 (not shift-option-1)



á 0225 Á 0193 à 0224 À 0192
é 0233 É 0201 è 0232 È 0200
í 0237 Í 0205 ì 0236 Ì 0204
ó 0243 Ó 0211 ò 0242 Ò 0210
ú 0250 Ú 0218 ù 0249 Ù 0217
ä 0228 Ä 0196 â 0226 Â 0194
ë 0235 Ë 0203 ê 0234 Ê 0202
ï 0239 Ï 0207 î 0238 Î 0206
ö 0246 Ö 0214 ô 0244 Ô 0212
ü 0252 Ü 0220 û 0251 Û 0219
ÿ 0255 Ÿ 0159 å 0229 Å 0197
ã 0227 Ã 0195 ø 0248 Ø 0216
ñ 0241 Ñ 0209 ç 0231 Ç 0199
õ 0245 Õ 0213 ¿ 0191 ¡ 0161
ß 0223

20. Preview page in Digital Commons ; post ; review ; revise if necessary.

21. Update DCC Tracking System with URL for item on Digital Commons; change Item Status