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FIU Digital Project Guidelines and Help Materials

The internal standard operating procedures for FIU Libraries' digital collections


Open the Start Menu, click All Programs, open the folder Prime Recognition, and click on Prime OCR Job Server.

Setting up “Wizard…” (if you already have a .job file done for the same criteria of multiple OCRing, then skip this section and continue to “Setup…”)
1. When the application opens, click on Wizard... Read the information to understand how the process works. Choose the template you want to use.

Create a Job (.job) File
1. Choose between single image and multiple images­.

Single Image
A.  Select Process a single image file. Then click Select Image…
B.  Type the location of the files of what is to be OCRed.

Multiple Images
A. Select the process. (If there are multiple files in folders, select Process all image files in a directory and sub-directories.
B. Type the location of the files of what is to be OCRed.(If you do not know the exact location, click Select Directory).

2) Select template. Click next when finished.
3) Select Output Path; select “Put output in a user specified directory.” (Click Select Directory to search for the folder in which the new .pdf will be saved).
4) Combine output (select Combine all output from a directory in one output file, file name is the first file in the directory).
5) Click Save Job when finished. Save the .job file in the folder that is to be OCRed (If the .job file is not in that folder, the OCR Program will not pick it up) Click Save when finished. It will then tell you “Job file has been saved. Click “Exit” to quit the Wizard.”

Setting up “Setup…” (Make sure that this is done correctly as the OCR system will verify where to access the files and where to send them) Click on the “Setup…” tab.

  Tab: Input
1) Job Directory - Primary Job Directory (“Select…” the path/folder of the location of the files.  Enable Low Priority Job Directory (do not check this).  - Once OCR of job is complete: Do not erase Job File.  Once all jobs are complete: Stop
2) PDF Input Already Has Text - Copy PDF file to ouput directory (unchecked), and [] Output text to output directory (unchecked).

Tab: Output
1) Path - (*)Save OCR output in the same directory as the image file.
2) Existing Output - Skip files with existing output? [No]