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FIU Digital Project Guidelines and Help Materials

The internal standard operating procedures for FIU Libraries' digital collections

Quick Guide to PMD 660 Recorders

These instructions will deliver a high quality sound recording with the following specifications: Pulse Code Modulation = 48 kHz; sampling rate = 48 kHz; recording channel = stereo; file format = .wav; and bit rate = 1536 kbps
1. Plug the AC adapter and connect it to PMD 660 recorder on a right lateral side (1A). Also make sure you have memory card inside the recorder which has a slot in front of the recorder (1B). Note: 2 GB card records about 3 hours of recording and 256 MB card records only 20 minutes for the high quality sound settings mentioned above.

2. Then power on the recorder by switch on right lateral side (2A). When you power on, you can see loading on display screen (2B) and after that display screen shows remaining time on the memory card for recording and internal setting of recorder.

3. To start recording, just press REC (3A) button which is on lower left corner and to stop and pause the recording you have buttons just right to REC button. To adjust recording level for right and left internal microphone you have dial in front at right side corner (3B).

4. Stopping and Pausing: Every time when you press REC and then STOP (4A) button will leads to an end of track in the recording. If you are recording and wish to stop, but want to resume recording on the same track use the REC PAUSE (4B) button to stop recording and then press REC button to start recording seamlessly onto the same track.

5. To listen to the recorded track, select the track by TRACK JUMP (5A) buttons and simply press ENTER (5B) button. When you are listening to the recorded track you can increase or decrease the speaker volume using the switch on left lateral side of recorder (5C).

6. To erase a recorded track press SHIFT (6A) + EDIT (6B) buttons together and you will see “Trk Erase” on display screen. Then select the track by TRACK JUMP buttons and just press ENTER button. You will see the message “completed” on the display screen when the track is erased.

7. This recorder does not have the facility to over-write on a recorded track. You have to create new track once you have stop your recording for last track.

8. To copy all the tracks to your computer hard drive you can either use USB cord or Memory card reader. To copy via USB cord, power off the device first and then attach your USB cord to computer and PMD 660 device (8A). Then power on PMD 660 and mean while at the same time press COPY button (8B) also. You will see a new removable disk icon on your computer screen, and then transfer your recorded tracks.