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FIU Digital Project Guidelines and Help Materials

The internal standard operating procedures for FIU Libraries' digital collections

Panasonic KV-S3065C (Duplex Scanner)

·         Open Image Capture Software

·         Click on the wrench next to ‘Scan Setting’

o   Here, you choose if the document is simplex (one-sided) or duplex (two-sided) under ‘Paper Source’

o   Under ‘Image Type’, choose ‘24bit Color’, ‘256 level gray’, or ‘Black and White’

o   Choose the resolution you will be scanning with

o   Click ‘OK’

·         Once the document has been loaded in the bottom tray of the scanner, click the green scan button under ‘Scan Setting’

o   A window will appear asking for the document name. Enter the FI# in this window

·         Once all pages have gone through the scanner, a window will appear which asks you to choose to continue scanning the same document, or to end scanning

o   After clicking ‘End’, all the pages of the document will appear together

§  You can drag documents around here to change their order if ever needed

·         When all pages of the document have been scanned, click ‘Output All Documents’ on the top right of the page and a window named ‘Output Document Setting’ will appear

o   Choose where you want to save the document under ‘Output Path’

o   Choose the file type (usually TIFF)

o   If you will be done working with the pages after outputting them, make sure ‘Remove document from Work Folder’ is checked

o   Under Single Page file, choose ‘Not Create’ under ‘Create Document Folder’

o   Under File Format enter:

§  _### for body pages

§  _fm# for front matter pages

§  _bm# for back matter pages

§  _cover# for cover pages

o   Choose the number you want the documents to start at under ‘Initial Number’ (usually 001)

o   Click ‘OK’ and the named document will go to the folder you chose