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FIU Digital Project Guidelines and Help Materials

The internal standard operating procedures for FIU Libraries' digital collections

Batching image files to convert file type

Batching to convert file type may be used to convert TIFFs to JPEG, JP2, JPEG2000, etc.

  • Open one image in Photoshop

  • If the actions window isn’t visible, go to Windows>Actions (shortcut, Alt+F4 [Photoshop CS5])

  • Select the ‘Create New Action’ button which is next to the trash can on the bottom of the window. After you name it, hit the ‘Record’ button (it is now recording every action you take on the open image in order to repeat those same actions on the entire folder of TIFFs)

  • (If you are saving from TIFF to JPEG and creating thumbnails, then leave 'Constraint Proportions' and 'Resample Image' checked and change the pixel dimensions to 125 pi/in.)

  • Go to File>Save As and save it in the folder you have created for these files. Be sure to change the format to TIFF, JPEG, etc..  Make sure to close the image. If not, all the images will open and will not close during the batch process.

  • Hit the square stop button on the bottom left corner of the actions window

  • Go to File>Automate>Batch

  • Under ‘Play’, make sure ‘Action’ is set to the action you created

  • For ‘Source’ choose Folder and hit the ‘Choose’ button underneath and select the folder that has the images you want to batch.

  • Keep ‘Destination’ as 'None'.

  • Hit ‘OK’