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SLS-1402 Discover Your Major

Weekly Class Meetings

Class attendance is required.  Be on time and ready to participate. Ask questions and participate in discussions.  Attending every class meeting demonstrates that you consider learning to be a priority.  Remember, class attendance is required. 

Participating in Class is Important

  • You demonstrate your commitment to the course by being in class to the instructor, physically or virtually.
  • Class participation is required, and you will be graded on your participation.  This is true for in person, remove, and online learning modes of learning.
  • You are able to ask questions that you have about the course content and assignments directly to the instructor.
  • Class discussions are an important way to learn from the instructor and other students.  Everyone has a story to tell.  In remote classes, these discussions will be done through a virtual tool called Zoom.  Your instructor will guide you how to use it. Click here to learn about Zoom
  • Your instructor may give a lecture.  Be sure to take notes or record the session (if allowed).
  • Be on time, or even a few minutes early.  Sometimes discussions with important information occur immediately at the starting time.
  • Put your device down, and silence the ringer.  If someone needs to reach you, you can read their email, text, or return their call after the class.
  • Not paying attention to the instructor and other class members is disrespectful to everyone.  Be respectful as you would wish to be treated.
  • Sometimes classes can be boring or uninteresting, but try to identify the important points of each class.
  • Enjoy the class!  Being in college is a special time in your life, so interact with the instructor and class mates in whatever format you choose.