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SLS-1402 Discover Your Major

Odyssey Guidelines & Videos

Developing an Odyssey Plan is the final project in SLS-1402, Discover Your Major Course.  You will be creating a presentation with 3 alternative timelines and "life plans" for the future and career development.  This is your opportunity to be creative.  Brainstorm different possibilities for your personal and professional future!

Odyssey Plan Instructions

  • Go to the SLS-1402 course in Canvas, click on Assignments, and select Odyssey Plan Presentations.  You will find instructions for developing your Odyssey Plan, uploading links, and due dates.

Required Elements of Reflections:

  1. Out of all the feedback that your fellow colleagues made on your odyssey plan, which 1 (or 2!) appealed to you the most and why?
  2. Based on the input from your favorite peer comment, how would you incorporate this idea into your odyssey plan? List and describe at least 1-2 ways.
  3. How has input from your fellow students been helpful during this odyssey planning?
  4. What has the process of this class been like for you?  How has it helped you focus and be creative with your future options?  How has this process made you more curious and open-minded about your future options?

Writing a Reflection:

  • Be concise and clear
  • Follow the instructor's directions
  • If you have questions, email the instructor -- they are there to help you!
  • Write a first draft, review it the next day, then revise it.
  • Enjoy this assignment -- reflections seek your insight and your opinions, so write with enthusiasm