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Study Group Guidelines

Guidelines for forming and operating study groups for many purposes.

Successful Group Characteristics

  1.  Timeline, duties, and goals are made clear to all group members in the beginning.
  2. Each member has a responsibility and maintains it while working together with the group. 
  3. Communication between group members is frequent with ideas, updates, input, etc. 
  4. Conflict between group members is resolved.
  5. The group does not splinter into sub-groups in opposition of each other over an issue. 
  6. Respect is given to all members. 
  7. Criticism and corrections are done in an appropriate manner and without blaming or singling out any members. 
  8. If the group is student-selected rather than assigned, all members should have the same level of dedication to the common group goal. 
  9. Be prepared with your contribution and input out of both effectiveness and consideration to other group members. In addition to smoothing the process, it prevents conflicts and feelings of resentment from other group members.