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Study Group Guidelines

Guidelines for forming and operating study groups for many purposes.

Basic Tips

  1. Discuss the strategy and goals of the group project, assignment, or study objective. Be sure everyone is clear on these points before considering whether to divide the workload or concepts to share. 
  2. If a member of the group is unreliable and does not do her/his share, have the group leader contact that person. If it is a for-credit group assignment that has been completely neglected by one group member, it is fair to contact the course instructor for next steps. In most cases, the assignment will be graded for active participants and the inactive participant(s) will not receive credit. 
  3. Collaborate according to the nature of the group and the nature of the group goals. A group writing and/or media project will require at least one editor. The group as a whole can also conduct editing sessions and correct or constructively critique content before the project is submitted. For study-only groups, divide the concepts among group members by areas of strength and weaknesses before coming together as a group in-person or virtually to share knowledge and tips.