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Study Group Guidelines

Guidelines for forming and operating study groups for many purposes.

Guidelines for Exam Study Groups

Please review the "All Types of Study Groups" box for common guidelines for all study group types.  Specific guidelines for this study group type are below.

Exam Study Groups

  • Groups formed for the purpose of studying for one or more types of exams:
    • Mid-Terms and Final Exams
    • Entrance examinations for college, such as SAT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE, etc.
    • Professional examinations to receive certification from a professional group either during or after the degree has been earned, such as the bar exam (law), CPA exam, etc.
  • Groups are typically temporary, focusing on an immediate need for academic and professional success
  • Ensure that the group's objective is clearly understood by all members
  • This type of group study content can be very stressful, and to maintain stress levels:
    • Allow for regular breaks, such as 5 minutes every hour
    • Group activity halts during breaks to ensure that no one is left out of the conversation or alienated from the discussion by mistake