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Burning the Man, Academically

Burning Man Scholarship

Academic Articles

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PDF Articles


Maryland, PhD dissertation.

Man2013. UCLA University of California, Los Angeles, PhD dissertation.​


2012. University of Florida, USA, Master’s Thesis.

2012. University of California Santa Cruz,  USA, Senior Thesis.

Community Identity in  the Black Rock Counterculture. 2011. California State

University, Sacramento, USA, Master’s Thesis.

Ritual Process*. 2012.Concordia University, USA, Master’s Thesis.

Functions in the ​Central Florida Burner Community. 2015. University

of Central Florida, USA, Master’s Thesis.

Man Festival. 2017. University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, Master’s Thesis.

2014. University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Master’s Thesis.

Book Chapters

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Enjoying Religion at Burning Man." Enjoying Religion: Pleasure and Fun in

Established and New Religious Movements, edited by Frans Jespers, Karin

van Nieuwkerk, andPaul van der Velde, Lexington Books Rowman & Littlefield,

2018, pp. 103-126.

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Education for Everyday Life. #21.

PDF Chapters

Conference Papers, Proceedings, and Presentations

Man Organization Forms an ‘Alternative’ Artistic Community in the Nevada

Black Rock Desert”. EDRA34, 2003, Minneapolis, Environmental Design

Research Association. Conference Paper.

  • Christos, Lauren. "Is that an art car? Hell no, that's a Mutant Vehicle!: Transport in Black Rock

City, or getting around at Burning Man", American Popular Culture Association/

Popular Culture Association Conference, Washington, D.C. April 17-20,

2019. Conference Presentation.

  • Christos, Lauren. "A World at Play: Play at Burning Man." Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture

Association Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, 2018. Conference Presentation.

  • Christos, Lauren. "Why I go to Burning Man: Co-creation at its' finest." International

Conference on Thinking: Cultivating Mindsets for Global Citizens, Florida

International University, May 16-20, 2018. Conference Presentation.​

  • Christos, Lauren. "The Spirit of Participation through Volunteerism at Burning Man." American

Popular Culture Association/Popular Culture Association Conference, Chicago,

Illionois, April 16-19, 2018. Conference Presentation.

  • Christos, Lauren. "Ephemera: Archiving and Preserving the Burning Man Experience."

presented at the Joint 2008 Conference of the National Popular Culture and the

American Culture Associations, San Francisco, CA, March 19-22, 2008.

Conference Presentation.

  • Hoover, J. Duane, Larry Harvey, Marian Goodell, and Harvey Dubois. "Managing Fiery

Expectations: Strategic and Operational Aspects of Burning Man." 2008.

Conference Presentation. 

in an Extreme Environment." Proceedings of the Symposium Musique et Ecologies

du son, May 2013, Universite Paris. Conference Proceedings.

Nowhere.” Radical Aesthetics and Politics: Intersections in Music, Art, and Critical

Social Theory, December 2011, Hunter College, City University of New York, NY.

Conference Presentation.

PDF Conference Papers