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Breathing, Meditation, Yoga & More / How do I get out of my head?

Mindfulness Meditation & Yoga Tools to help during COVID-19

SEFLIN Presentation / July 2020

PowerPoint Presentation

This presentation will share different techniques to get out of the circle of worrying about the future and the couldof/shouldofs of the past. It will provide different practices that can be applied during stressful times such as a pandemic or really at any time when the mind starts to spin. It will help participants bring their thoughts to the present moment by starting with a short meditation and reflection exercise. It will present the science on the benefits of meditation, journaling, and yoga. The tools and exercises used during the session will be shared for participants to add to their toolbox in order to relieve stress. It will conclude with additional resources and an open discussion for those who want to express how they feel after practicing the techniques or how they are coping during Covid-19. Attendees will learn tools for relieving stress and the science on the benefits of meditation, journaling, and yoga, and engage in thoughtful dialogue on what tools they have found useful to relieve stress.


Mindfulness Techniques

The two main techniques of mindfulness are: undefined

1. Focused attention meditation - for example, focusing on your breath.

2. Open-monitoring meditation -  developing a non-judgmental awareness of whatever thoughts, sensations, or feelings arise in the p
resent moment.


Use your passwords as a mindful reminder. For example, the next time you change your password, change it to 20Patience20 so that every time you sign into your device, it is a gentle reminder to be patient with yourself and others. Be creative with your choice: Flourish365, Thankful247, 19Happiness20, Peaceful69 (this one might make you giggle!).

 1. Sit comfortably. undefined

 2. Close your eyes.

 3. Focus on breathing.  Inhaling and exhaling through your nose slowly and deeply.


 4.  If a thought enters your consciousness, don’t judge it and don’t hang onto it. Let each thought pass by like a flowing stream undefined


 5.  Treat all physical sensations and feelings like your thoughts: register them, let them go, and return to breathing.