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Breathing, Meditation, Yoga & More / How do I get out of my head?

Mindfulness Meditation & Yoga Tools


Mindfulness Techniques

The two main techniques of mindfulness are: undefined

1. Focused attention meditation - for example, focusing on your breath.

2. Open-monitoring meditation -  developing a non-judgmental awareness of whatever thoughts, sensations, or feelings arise in the p
resent moment.


Use your passwords as a mindful reminder. For example, the next time you change your password, change it to 20Patience20 so that every time you sign into your device, it is a gentle reminder to be patient with yourself and others. Be creative with your choice: Flourish365, Thankful247, 19Happiness20, Peaceful69 (this one might make you giggle!).

 1. Sit comfortably. undefined

 2. Close your eyes.

 3. Focus on breathing.  Inhaling and exhaling through your nose slowly and deeply.


 4.  If a thought enters your consciousness, don’t judge it and don’t hang onto it. Let each thought pass by like a flowing stream undefined


 5.  Treat all physical sensations and feelings like your thoughts: register them, let them go, and return to breathing.