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"For students, researchers, history buffs and literature lovers, there's no better source than Literature Criticism Online...
The 10 individual Thomson Gale series that comprise Literature Criticism Online represent a range of modern and historical views on authors and their works across regions, eras and genres:

Contemporary Literary Criticism
A reference staple! Each volume profiles influential writers via excerpted passages from selected criticism. "An indispensable source for both public and academic libraries." —ARBA

Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism
This highly useful series presents substantial excerpts from the best criticism on the major literary figures and nonfiction writers of 1900 to 1999—the era most frequently studied in high schools.

Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism
Each volume presents overviews of four to eight authors of 1800 through 1899 with chronologically arranged criticism representing the entire range of response to each author.

Shakespeare Criticism
This comprehensive survey of the Bard includes general and specific critical interpretations from the 17th century to the present.

Literature Criticism 1400-1800
This authoritative resource on the greatest writers of the late Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Restoration eras fulfills a need for information on historical periods, literary trends and topics, and the achievements of noteworthy individuals.

Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism
As a convenient source of critical opinion on early literature, this series excerpts criticism on the works of philosophers, poets and playwrights, political leaders, scientists and writers from other genres.

Poetry Criticism
Support students and enhance the understanding of poetry lovers with this collection of biographical sketches, author portraits, primary bibliographies and much more.

Short Story Criticism
The most-studied short story writers of yesterday and today are profiled in volumes that deliver a historical survey of the critical response to their work.

Drama Criticism
For each play or playwright featured, a full range of critical opinion is presented, along with a biographical sketch, a chronological list of the writer's major works and more.

Children's Literature Review
From Louisa May Alcott to Judy Blume, the most popular and influential authors of the genre are assessed through criticism of their major works.

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