NEW: eBook Collection, ACLS Humanities eBooks

We now have access to the ACLS Humanities eBook collection (HEB).  These eBooks cover Area and Historical Studies in the following disciplines/subjects: African, American, Asian, Australasian/Oceanian, Byzantine, Canadian, Caribbean, Central European, Comparative/World, Eastern European/Russian, Economic, Environmental, European, Jewish Studies, Latin American, Law, LGBT/Queer Studies, Medicine, Methods/Theory, Middle East, Native Peoples of the Americas, Science/Technology, Women’s Studies. HEB also encompasses the fields of Archaeology, Art and Architectural History, Biblical Studies, Bibliographic Studies, Film and Media Studies, Folklore, Linguistics, Literature, Literary Criticism, Musicology, Performance Studies (theater, music, dance), Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, and Sociology.
There are approximately 4,000 books in the collection; a list of titles available at:

To access these eBooks, please visit the libraries' Research Pages.  
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