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Color Our World

by Christopher Jimenez on 2020-09-16T13:53:00-04:00 | 0 Comments

Color Our World, Jacqueline Gopie and Lisa Remeny

Artists Jacqueline Gopie and Lisa Remeny paint the world around them using vibrant colors that draw you in while simultaneously addressing details in their work with strikingly different approaches. Remeny uses precise brushstrokes that represent a view of things and places. She captures the beauty of a moment and her paintings ask the viewer to focus on the subjective feelings these paintings bring to light by their specific vantage point.

In contrast, Gopie uses sweeping brushstrokes and loose, gestural drawing - intentionally leaving out details, which compels the viewer’s mind to complete the image. She creates an alternative viewpoint to negative portrayals of people of color by juxtaposing images of black and brown children engaged in play, often in seaside settings vaguely referred to through her cool, tropical palette. Her intent is to rewire the viewer’s learned negative physiological response to racial differences by introducing and insisting upon alternative positive contexts, narratives, and visual imagery.

Visit and explore, Color Our World, Jacqueline Gopie, and Lisa Remeny at the Gallery at Green Library - Online

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