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All IN: Alternative Resources to meet the needs of People with Disabilities

All In: Making Learning Environments Accessible to All Learners

This is a guide to help faculty to find alternative resources to meet the needs of all students in online classes.

Due to each course being individual in its' needs, this provides general information to let you know that FIU Libraries subscribes to resources with closed captioning, reading of text, and more.  

The number and variation of library resources are multiple but your library subject specialist can help you find the right resource to ensure your course is ALL IN!





Find your Subject Liaison!

He or she can help you make learning environments accessible to all learners and help ensure the materials you use are ALL IN.     



Select Media Options

Some include , others include a transcript.  Each is an individual case-by-case basis.




Text Listening Options    





      HathiTrust Digital Library    




FIU Libraries is a member.  Member Libraries can download a book via HathiTrust which can then be used with a screen reader.  Through an intermediary in the library or DRC there is the ability to make in-copyright material available for those with disabilities.  

Follow these steps to access the materials that are Hathi Accessible:

1.  Search the Library Catalog.  When you get your results, scroll down, down, down to Narrow Results.


2. Under Subcollection, click Accessible Resources.


3. Click on the  sign.

4. Fill out the Form.