Stats At A Glance

Summary of the FIU Libraries' Statistics *

Titles Held 3,146,829
Total Volume Count 1,548,443
Public Services
Reference Transactions 16,830
Typical Weekly Public Service Hours 111.5
Library Instruction Number of Participants 7,419
Total Instruction Sessions 235
Access & Delivery Services
Total Circulation (Excluding Reserves) 32,551
Reserves Circulations 22,698
Laptop Circulations 211,811
Annual Gate Count 1,056,747
Interlibrary Loan: Borrowing 6,167
Interlibrary Loan: Lending 5,662
* Statistics ranging from 6/30/2019 to 5/21/2024

Resource & Project Data

Tech Fee Projects

From 2013 to 2019, the FIU Libraries received a total of $11,864,934.94 in Technology Fee funding to implement 40 unique technology projects. These funds were invested in the following main areas:

  • Technology enhancement in the physical learning environment, including presentation and group study rooms, collaboration zones, a technology hub, library information displays, multimedia workstations, and research and teaching labs;
  • Purchasing of electronic devices including e-Readers, laptops, video cameras, iPads, GPS units, and digital media workstations for public usage;
  • Purchasing of electronic materials, including Alexander Street Press streaming video files and thousands of e-books from Springer, Elsevier, and others
  • Piloting new programs, such as “roaming reference”, a video contest for First Year Experience students, and online language learning software

Collection Summary

The University Libraries’ collections comprise over 1.7 million volumes, access to over 27,000 serials titles and an increasing variety of multimedia resources including DVDs, videotapes, audio books and digital collections representing a variety of subjects. Librarians work closely with faculty to select materials to support the teaching and research needs of the university.

The data in the table below shows growth over the last five years of various segments of the University Libraries' Collections.

Library Collection Statistics *
Category Total
Print Book Titles 1,121,284
Electronic Book Titles 418,349
Physical AudioVisual Titles 361,407
Electronic AudioVisual Titles 104,279
Print Serial Titles 1,270
Electronic Journal Titles 127,793
*Statistics as of 06/30/2019

User Statistics

Subject specialists (reference librarians) have developed a virtual reference service environment for our students and faculty. Using social media tools and service management systems, they have developed on-line research services providing individual real-time chat consultations and a 24/7 self-service research environment for 30+ different disciplines. Our devoted library faculty and staff have taught over 1,524 library research instruction sessions, reaching over 36,000 students (between August 2015 and July 2019), created and maintained 805 research guides (viewed 2,315,516 times) and responded to over 87,000 user queries.

The annual number of visits to library websites averages 2.9 million, with 1.3M+ unique users. Notably, mobile use of the website now averages over 200K visits per year. (See table below)

Analytics Data for
Year (Aug-July) Visits (Unique Visitors) Pageviews Country Systems/OS
2015-2016 2,437,765 (1,617,482) 3,272,159 US, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Argentina Windows/PC, Mac, iPhone
2016-2017 2,355,798 (1,574,883) 3,110,037 US, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia Windows/PC, Mac, iPhone
2017-2018 2,435,588 (1,540,219) 2,952,676 US, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, India Windows/PC, Mac, iPhone
2018-2019 2,105,257 (833,003) 2,309,854 US, Mexico, India, Canada, United Kingdom Windows/PC, Mac, iPhone
Mobile + tablet Users
Year (Aug-July) Visits Systems/Devices
2015-2016 195,627 iPhone, iPad, Windows RT Tablet
2016-2017 238,110 iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S-Series Phone
2018-2019 251,400 iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S-Series Phone
2018-2019 164,956 iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S-Series Phone

Digital Library &
Institutional Repository

Original materials in the digital library are held by FIU as well as partner institutions in both South Florida and the Caribbean. The collections shared in the digital library focus on local and regional materials of historical, scientific, cultural, and educational importance, including documents, photographs, maps, videos, music, artwork, and rare books. Patrons from all over the world have accessed the digital collections content a total of 23,900,600 times (between July 2014 and June 2019).

FIU’s Institutional Repository is a full text, online, open access repository and publishing platform for the scholarship, creative output, and history of FIU. The scholarly content archived in the repository has been downloaded 2,316,821 times (between July 2014 and June 2019) by patrons from 51,968 institutions internationally.

Usage growth for the digital collections has averaged 21% annually, with a total growth of 115% in the past 5 years.

Year Digital Library Item Views Institutional Repository Downloads
2014 - 2015 3,439,666 374,433
2015 - 2016 3,832,426 430,144
2016 - 2017 4,830,031 456,424
2017 - 2018 5,225,528 499,056
2018 - 2019 6,572,949 556,764

Grants & Contracts

In the past 5 years (2014/15-2019/20), the FIU Libraries’ GIS Center, Digital Collection Center, Sound and Imagery department, in collaboration with other academic units and institutions, have secured a direct total of over $2.1 million in external funding.

Funding agencies included the USAID, the South Florida Water Management District, the National Park Service, the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization (TPO), LYRASIS, Southeast Florida Library Information Network (SELFIN), Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation, City of Miami Beach, the City of Coral Gables, etc. Coral Gables’ Virtual History, the web GIS-based Sea Level Rise Impact Tool, and the Transportation Outreach Planner are examples of innovative applications of digital libraries and/or geo-spatial tools in disseminating community’s cultural heritage and intellectual properties, as well as in engaging community planning. The library-based GIS Center has also collaborated widely with FIU faculty on sponsored activities in the areas of Everglades restoration, vegetation monitoring, transportation and urban planning, geo-humanities, global disaster risk reduction and geo-enabled knowledge management.

Details about these projects can be found at, and