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A Gift to the Whole University

Libraries are trailblazers of innovation and foundations of research and knowledge exploration. Providing the fuel to propel our students, faculty, and staff takes hard work and dedication made possible in part by contributions made by our gracious donors.

Donor support helps the Library provide materials and opportunities for our more than 50,000 students and the campus community that would otherwise not be available.

Why FIU Libraries?

A gift to FIU Libraries is a gift to the whole university. We serve students and faculty in every major across all campuses.

At FIU, where 93% of students commute, the Library is the home base for students to collaborate, study, research, and relax.

Your gift of any amount will make a difference for a student who considers the Library his or her “home away from home.”

General Library Fund

The Library is an essential resource for students, faculty, and researchers at FIU. The General Library Fund supports ongoing projects and development at the FIU Libraries. From hosting engaging student events and unique artists’ exhibitions, to developing new services, resources, and technologies, we need your support!
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Library Resources Support

A gift to the Libraries is a gift to the whole University. Your support is vital in helping us provide the best possible resources for students, faculty, and staff from every discipline, college, and program across all campuses.
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Digitize a Library Resource

The FIU Libraries contain a vast array of rare, unique, and out-of-print, historically significant materials pertaining to Latin America, the Caribbean, Miami, and Florida. These collections are a valuable resource for students, faculty, and visiting scholars, but they are also a fragile and irreplaceable part of our history.
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Nancy Sun Hershoff Scholarship

The University Libraries offers a scholarship in dedication of Nancy Sun Hershoff. This scholarship is available only to full-time FIU students who work at the library and are a part of the FIU Libraries family.
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William Perez Scholarship

The William Perez Scholarship is designed to support and foster learning among students within the humanities.
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Library Testimonials

The Library

Like so many things, the library is undergoing change, yet simultaneously, it stands as one of the centers of civilization. It is a habitual collector, a contemporary utility, and at the same time, a nurturer of spirits and serves as a harbinger of futures. Once looming quiet and rather formal and impersonal-looking places that hid the paths to incredible adventures, the libraries of today reach out and do more than serve; they invite, engage, and collaborate. Those of us who support the library in general understand their value and importance.

Those who support FIU recognize that our libraries represent more than just the dynamic evolution of the contemporary university library. We appreciate our libraries' crucial role in catapulting our university into positions of national and international prominence. Special presentations enhance our physical and virtual worlds. The academic work of faculty and students is assisted by competent and supportive library staff who provide impressive avenues of access. We enjoy the benefits and privileges of our libraries because they are ultimately curated by an extraordinary class of professionals - our librarians.
Steve Fain
August, 2023