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Faculty Work Plan and Guidelines

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Additional Forms

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  • Benefits Forms
  • AFLAC Plan Description & Enrollment
  • ARAG Legal Service Enrollment
  • Authorization to Use/Disclose Personal Health Information
  • Beneficiary Designation and Change Request
  • Benefits Checklist
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Claim
  • BlueCard Worldwide International Claim
  • Comp Benefits Dental Claim
  • Domestic Partner Certification
  • Domestic Partner Termination
  • Flexible Spending Direct Deposit
  • Flexible Spending Reimbursement Request
  • Group Disability Open Enrollment
  • Group Life Insurance Evidence of Insurability
  • Group Voluntary Disability Coverage
  • Health Insurance Election
  • Health Savings Account
  • Leave of Absence Request
  • Manager - Administrative / Staff LOA Request
  • Manager - Faculty LOA Request
  • Optional Retirement Program Change (ORP - 16a)
  • Optional Retirement Program Enrollment (ORP - 16)
  • Policy Cancellation memorandum
  • Professional Development
  • Retirement Voluntary Contribution
  • Supplemental Dental Insurance Election
  • Supplemental Hospitalization Insurance Election
  • Supplemental Vision Insurance Election
  • Union Dues Cancellation
  • Employee Labor Relations Forms
  • Flexible Work Arrangement Request/Decision Form
  • Separation From Employment / Transfer Clearance Equal Opportunity Programs & Diversity Forms
  • Certification of Physician or Practitioner
  • Disability Employee Accommodation Request
  • Discrimination Complaint
  • Early Notification of Inclement Weather Conditions for Employees with Disabilities
  • Employee Accommodation Request for a Public Event
  • Physician Letter
  • Physician Verification of Accommodation
  • Position Posting Change Request
  • Release of Information
  • Search and Screen Waiver
  • Payroll Forms
  • Cellular Phone Allowance
  • Employee Stop Payment Request Form
  • Employee Verification Form
  • Pay Statement Reissue Request
  • W-2 Reissue Request
  • Recruitment Forms
  • Candidate Reference Check Form (Entry Level)
  • Candidate Reference Check Form (Leadership/Middle)
  • Federal Work Study Hire Form
  • Federal Work Study Posting Request
  • Person of Interest Form
  • Request to Hire Temporary Appointment
  • Temporary Appointment/Student Assistant Change In Status Form
  • Temporary Appointment/Student Assistant New Hire Form