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WST3120 / Global Women’s Writing

Dr. Michaela Moura-Koçoglu / updated December 2022

Use this Guide to:

  • Search for news and scholarly content on your group project topics.


  • Explore resources on the topics of domestic violence, sexual violence, gender discrimination, colonial exploitation, sexist patriarchal structures, discrimination of ethnic/racialized/Indigenous minorities, and violence against Indigenous women (U.S., Canada, South America, Australia, etc).


  • Search for additional information on women's rights in Egypt, Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea, Canada/First Nations.


  • Analyze and understand the difference between a scholarly resources and sources like Wikipedia.


  • Demonstrate knowledge of MLA style.

What is this?

This is a library guide to assist you with news and academic sources for your group project and final exam in WST 3120.  


image of NWAC

Native Women’s Association of Canada


How to use this Guide:

Click Current News to find links to newspapers and current events resources.  Search for your topic using keywords.  You can limit your results to specific dates.


Click Scholarly Content & More to find links to databases to search for academic resources in journals, reports, and more.  Search using keywords.  You might want to combine your search terms using AND.  For example:

  • line 1: Canada


  • "Indigenous women"

Limit your search to scholarly, peer-reviewed results.



Click Indigenous Women Resources for guides, links, and content on indigenous women and organizations.


Click Author & Book Info for resources on the books and authors.




Remember Wikipedia is NOT a scholarly source!


wikipedia with an x through it.