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United States History from 1877

Guide developed for Dr. Verna's Intro to U.S. History Since 1877 class. Contains resources for the study of U.S. History from Reconstruction (1865) until the 1970s.

Intro to Articles

On this page you will find a description of our history databases. Once you have entered a database, you will use your key terms to find articles on a topic. You can also use Browzine to view our digital journal subscriptions.

off-campus access & getting full text

NOTE: For many of the resources listed, access on campus or through the "off-campus access" portal is required. 

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Subject Headings

Searching the catalog with the right subject heading can save time by making your search more efficient and accurate. Subject headings are controlled by the Library of Congress and applied by the library. Below are a few examples that might help in a search.

Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877)

Variants include:

  • Carpetbag rule (U.S. history, 1865-1877)
  • Reconstruction (1865-1877)
  • Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877)--Southern States Reconstruction
  • (U.S. history, 1865-1877)--United States
  • United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Reconstruction
  • United States--History--Reconstruction, 1865-1877

Broader Terms:

  • Postwar reconstruction
  • Southern States--History--1865-1877
  • United States--History--1865-1898

World War, 1914-1918

Variants include:

  • European War, 1914-1918 First World War
  • 1914-1918 Great War
  • 1914-1918 World War 1
  • 1914-1918 World War I
  • 1914-1918 World War One
  • 1914-1918 WW I (World War, 1914-1918)
  • WWI (World War, 1914-1918)

Broader Term:  History, Modern--20th century

Narrower Term:  Schlieffen Plan

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