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History of South Florida

This LibGuide serves as an introduction to conducting research into the region's history.


The region commonly known as South Florida is comprised of the municipalities of Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Monroe counties, and includes the Everglades. While each location has its unique defining characteristics, together they tell the story of how the metropolitan area came to be.


The South Florida Collection

The South Florida Collection is a one of a kind collection that is comprised of historic and current materials. The Collection includes government documents, reports, maps, books, and audio visual materials. 

Government documents and reports: 

This portion of the collection contains materials from the 1940s - today, and focuses on government administration, city and transportation planning, urban revitalization, disaster preparedness, and much more. Physical resources are located on the second floor of Green Library in the Government Resources and Information Department (GRID), on the 4th floor of Green Library in Special Collections, and others can be found online in the library's repository,


The Collection recently acquired maps from the City of Miami Planning and Zoning Department. Located in the GRID offices, these maps date back to the 1920s and provide a wealth of information of the history of Miami. More recent maps are located close to the South Florida Collection stacks. These maps are secured in a cabinet, and therefore require assistance to be accessed. If you are looking for maps, please visit us Monday - Friday between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm or by appointment. 


A majority of these books are located in the General Collection of Green Library and Hubert Library, while the rest are in the stacks of the South Florida Collection which is located on the 2nd floor in GRID. If you are having trouble locating a book, please knock on the department door and someone will assist you. 


The Sound and Image Department, located on the 5th floor in Green Library, has a variety of audio visual materials that can be checked out. 

History of South Florida