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Worldview: Qatar

Following the premiere Worldview presentation, here is the guide to assist you in your intercultural research

(Welcome) أهلا بك

Welcome to the LibGuide for global culture and cultural characteristics around the world.


Photo Credits: Holly Morganelli  (Counterclockwise from top left: Kandy, Sri Lanka, Jardin, Antioquia, Colombia, Manhattan & Brooklyn, NYC, Gothenburg, Sweden

Worldview: Pop-Up Global Topics & Research Tips Series

World View: Pop-Up Global Topics & Research Tips Series

Global Learning for Global Citizenship & FIU Libraries


This new series will combine learning outcomes for Global Learning and information literacy utilizing global current event topics and corresponding research skills. The series will provide a platform for thought-provoking discourse, global learning co-curricular enrichment, and an improvement in student information literacy and critical thinking skills. Worldview will include guest speakers both from within FIU and special expert speakers.

The premiere session in this series:

 Intercultural Communication in Qatar as an American Expatriate Professional

Holly Morganelli moved to multicultural Miami and began working at FIU in Fall of 2014 after living and working in the following locales: Nassau, The Bahamas, Doha, Qatar, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a few places in Southern Africa including Lusaka, Zambia. Prior to that, she spent several years living, working, and studying in international and multicultural New York City.

Ms. Morganelli will specifically address her experiences in the Arab Gulf peninsula of Qatar in relation to business communication, personal adaptation, and expectations vs. reality regarding culture based on research done prior to arrival and experiences while living there. Ms. Morganelli was hired by the Qatar Museums Authority to develop a library and research center for a modern art museum before, leading up to and following the museum opening.

As speaker and librarian, Holly will lead library instruction designed to assist students with research on cultural characteristics and other aspects of foreign countries.