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Peer Review and Research

Guidance and resources to support the research process for librarians.

Significant Results

The process of scholarship leads to the outcomes of the research and should contribute to a body of knowledge or artistic expression.

Questions like the following point to the success of scholarly endeavors:

'Does the scholar achieve the goals?'

'Does the scholar's work stimulate learning in the field?'

'Does the scholar's work add consequentially to the field?'

'Does the scholar's work propose solutions that could be applied outside of the academy?'

'Does the scholar's work open additional areas for further exploration?'

Significant results can be thought of as new endeavors achieved by scholars that contribute by way of application, debate, awareness or appreciation. 

Significant results should also reflect the scholar's own insights; that is. by doing the research, the scholar should have gained a new understanding of the topic and methods of investigation used to delve into the topic.

The most common outcome of significant results in library scholarship is often evidenced in its practical effect on new policies and procedures.

Citation studies are another way to determine significant results; they likely indicate that a research endeavor is consistently important in its discipline.


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