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Peer Review and Research

Guidance and resources to support the research process for librarians.

Choosing and Using Appropriate Methods Appropriately

Glassick et al. (1997) state: "most important is that the method selected be carefully justified and appropriate to the project’s goals” (p. 29). They recommend you ask three questions when deciding and implementing methods for your project:

  1. Are your methods appropriate to your goals?
  2. Do you effectively apply the methods you have selected?
  3. Do you modify your selected methods as circumstances change?

Recommended Resources

This LibGuide includes:

  • a glossary of common research methods and statistical concepts
  • definitions and examples of data, research, and study types
  • information on research methods and statistical help available at FIU (including services for faculty)
  • helpful resources (including books, online resources, MOOCs, statistical software, and more)