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The Pacific War in Asia

Initially created to support Prof. Raul Caner Cruz' ASH 3631 Course

Intro to Media

To further enrich your learning experience, you might consider other media types. This can include video, audio, and image sources. A few key databases are presented along with a list of recommended videos.

Full Documentary: Japan's War in Colour (2004), narrated by Brian Cox

Media Sources

Recommended Videos

The Rape of Nanking, Sammy Jackson (1999)

Know Your Enemy: Japan, Frank Capra (1945)

Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors, Mitsuyo Seo (1945)

Japan's War in Colour, 2004 Documentary (narrated by Brian Cox)

Intense Footage of the Pacific War in Color | Smithsonian Channel

The Japanese Invasion of Shanghai Captured in Color