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Distinguish yourself from other researchers


ORCID is an independent non-profit effort to provide an open registry of unique researcher identifiers and open services to link research activities and organizations to these identifiers. Learn more at .


Why have an ORCID account

Clear up any name confusion and claim all of your research

You may have publications that use different variants of your name first name and initials that you want to make sure are identified as your output.

Your name is probably not unique and you may find that your academic outputs get confused with those of someone with a similar name when they are listed in bibliographic databases such as Scopus, PubMed, Dimensions or Web of Science. This means that citations to your papers could get lost and you could be credited with citations from the wrong papers. By tying your publications and research outputs to your ORCID iD, they become more discoverable.

Name confusion is a particular problem if you come from a country where some family names are very common. 

You may also choose to change your name at some point in your career. Your ORCID identifier remains the same.

Funding requirement

Many grant foundations require that applications include ORCID identifiers. Having an ORCID account will enable research organizations to correctly identify you.

Publisher requirement

 Many publishers are now incorporating ORCID identifiers into their manuscript submission systems and peer-reviewing process. Using your ORCID identifier may speed up the manuscript process and your ORCID profile can be automatically updated by the publisher once your manuscript is accepted and then later published.