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Native Americans in the American Experience (1500 to the present)

Introduction to critical events and trends in Native American history. Originally created for Dr. Gibbs' HIS 4935 class.

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If you just want to browse the collection, here are the Library of Congress Call Numbers for topics which may be of interest:

E to F -- History of the Americas

  • E51-73 Pre-Columbian America. The Indians
  • E75-99 Indians of North America
  • E81-83 Indian wars E99 Indian tribes and cultures
  • E199 French and Indian War, 1755-1763 
  • F975 Central American, West Indian, and other countries protected by and having close political affiliations with the United States

NOTE:  These call numbers are organizational tools and are applied to every section of the library. Hence, you will find these numbers repeated in every section (Reference, Juvenile, General Collection, Maps, Audio, etc..) 

For more help, view our guide to Understanding Call Numbers.

As you begin the research journey, it is important to build a base of knowledge from tertiary information sources. On this page you will find both print and digital reference materials, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks. You will also be able to search our digital Encyclopedia & Dictionary collection.

Subject Headings

Searching the catalog with the right subject heading can save time by making your search more efficient and accurate. Subject headings are controlled by the Library of Congress and applied by the library. Below are a few examples that might help in a search.

  • Indians of North America
  • American aborigines
  • American Indians
  • First Nations (North America)

A search here might take you to other search terms that might be interesting. For example, look at this search for Algonquian Indians.


Looking for Primary Sources?

  • Add "---sources" to the end of your subject heading. Example: Indian Removal, 1813-1903 -- Sources

Looking for Tertiary Material?

  • Add "--dictionaries" or "--encyclopedias" to the end of your subject heading. Example: Iroquois Indians -- Encyclopedias