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MAN4720 / Strategic Management

Library Research Guide created for MAN4720.


Welcome to the Library Research Guide for MAN 4720 Strategic Management. This guide has resources to help you:

  • Describe the contents of a company's strategic management audit report
  • Identify and assess the impact of opportunities and threats in a company’s global, regional and local environment
  • Identify and assess a company’s strengths and weaknesses, and match them with its opportunities and threats
  • Identify, analyze, & synthesize data and information that supports company decision-making to meet expectations of stakeholders
  • Describe the generic and business-specific factors that reflect a company’s overall operational performance
  • Integrate multiple perspectives to formulate and implement competitive and corporate strategies
  • Exhibit knowledge of the major cultural, economic, social and legal environments faced by organizations in global markets
  • Develop strategies for the challenges of doing business in a global environment
  • Demonstrate appropriate responses to global conditions and cultural diversity


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