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First Thursdays @ the FIU Libraries

Guide to the Libraries' in-house presentation program which takes place on the First Thursday of most months each year.

Would you like to present at a First Thursday?

Send your presentation topic/title and your preferred date to:

Stephanie Brenenson

Green Library 230F

Questions? Help?

Stephanie Brenenson
Green Library 230F

First Thursdays 2021-2022

Fall / Spring 2021/2022 - Upcoming Presentations TBD

October - Katie Coldiron and Jamie Rogers on “Community Data Curation: Oral Histories, Post-Custodial Archiving, & Bridging University and Community in South Florida.”

November - TBD

December - TBD

February - Elana Karshmer - SoTL

March - Rebecca Bakker on "A Moveable Book: The History of Pop-ups, Volvelles and Interactive Books"

April - TBD

May - TBD

June -

Call for First Thursday presenters for 2021-2022 !!

Please contact Stephanie if you would like to present this coming year.  Send an email stating your interest, topic, and preferred month(s) for presenting.

First Thursday

First Thursday presentations were created as a vehicle for the Reference and Government Documents departments at MMC and BBC to share information about their liaison areas and other areas of responsibility. After a couple of years it evolved by bringing in representatives from other departments to share information on their resources and services.  Interest grew and within a couple more years, members from all library departments began presenting, sharing and attending these timely, sometimes lively, and always interesting sessions that are open to all colleagues in the FIU Library community.

Past First Thursday Presentations

October 1, 2020  - South Florida’s Scary Cinema 2: Old Haunts, New Horrors

Presenter: Eduardo Fojo, Media Cataloger Librarian

November 5, 2020 - The Karoo, The Veld, and the Co-Op: The Farm as Microcosm and Place for Change in Schreiner, Lessing, and Head

Presenter: Elana Karshmer, Head of Information and Research Services (Green Library)

December 3, 2020 - Working with EAST and GreenGlass: New Tools for Collection Development

Presenter: Eric Gormley, Monographs Coordinator

February 4, 2021 - Teamwork in Quarantine: Our presence in the community

Presenters:  Althea Vicki Silvera – Head, Special Collections and University Archivist;  Annia Gonzalez – Special Collections Librarian;  Rhia Rae – Digital Archivist; Rose Nicholson – Records Management Compliance Coordinator & RMLO

April 1, 2021 - Collections as Data

Presenter - Jamie Rogers, IT Assistant Director, Digital Collections

May 6, 2021 - Fun with Genetics: Understanding what 23andMe Can and Can't Tell You

Presenter - Kelley Rowan, Digital Archives Librarian

October 3, 2019  Scholars@FIU: Visualizing the Impact Story of Faculty, Staff and Students

Presenters: L.  Bryan  Cooper,  Associate Dean, Libraries and David Driesbach, Assistant Vice President, Research, Office of Research and Economic Development

November 7, 2019  The Stranger Beside Me – the creepy, freaky, weird world of FIU Libraries Special Collections and University Archives

Presenters: Annia Gonzalez, Special Collections Librarian; Katharine Labuda, University Archives Librarian; Rhia Rae, Digital Archivist and Molly McBride Castro, Digital Humanities Librarian

December 5, 2019  Shedding Light on Local Cultural Heritage: A Professional Development Leave Project

Presenter: Rita Cauce, Head of Cataloging

February 6, 2020  ​FIU Research Data Portal

Presenter: Jill Krefft, Institutional Repository Coordinator

March 5, 2020  FIU Libraries’ Digital Collections in the Classroom

Presenter: Kelley Rowan, Digital Archives Librarian

May 7, 2020 Burning Man Project: Libraries as Art & Libraries as Place in Black Rock City

Presenter: Lauren Christos, Reference Librarian

October 4 - "Spatial History – Using GIS and Open Web Resources to Reconstruct XuanZang’s ‘Great Tang Records of the Western Regions’ on the Silk Route"

Presenter: Zhaohui Jennifer Fu, Head of GIS Center and Digital Collection Center

November 1 - "Academic Libraries Down Under: Experiences in Victoria, Australia"

Presenter: Holly Morganelli, Global Learning Librarian

December 6 - "So, What Are You Reading" - an hour long discussion about the books that we've been reading and recommending (or not)

March 7 - "Confessions of a Volunteer Indexer- the experience and values gained as a volunteer indexer for the Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI) since 1978"

Presenter: Gayle Williams, Latin American and Caribbean Information Librarian

April 4 - "The Libraries’ contributions to pillars of FIU’s Strategic Plan"

Presenter: Dean Anne Prestamo

May 2 - "South Florida's Scary Cinema"

Presenter: Eduardo Fojo, Media Cataloger Librarian

June 6 - "join the Conversation: Why, How, & Where to Publish Research" Symposium (11 a.m.- 4:15 p.m.)

Presenters: Peer Review and Research Committee (Barbara Sorondo, Katharine Labuda, Elaine Dong, Christopher Jimenez, Stephanie Brenenson, and Gricel Dominguez (chair))

October 5 - "Unique Collections in the Academic Libraries: Acquiring Primary Resources"

Presenters: Annia Gonzalez, Katharine Labuda, Rose Nicholson, Rhia Rae

November 2 - "Using Social Science to Create a Better Survey"

Presenter: Kelley Rowan

February 1 - "Affordable Options: Textbooks, OER's & the Library"

Presenter: Valerie Boulos

March 1 - "NFC Technology in the Library"

Presenter: Christopher Jimenez

April 5 - "Supporting Research, Public Engagement, and Learning through the Use of the Archives in Digital Humanities"

Presenter: Jamie Rogers

May 3 - "Practical PowerPoint: How to create better, simpler, more accessible PowerPoint Presentations"

Presenter: Denisse Solis

October 6 - Postponed due to un-Hurricane Matthew and rescheduled for Tues., Nov. 1 at Noon - 12:55 p.m.

November 1 - "TRAVELPALOOZA"

Presenters: The Travel Committee: Eduardo Fojo, April Lafferty, Annia Gonzalez, Carlos Fernandez, and Melissa Del Castillo, and Guests: Marina Garcia, and Douglas Hasty.

December 1 - ETDs @ FIU

Presenters: Research and Scholarship Strategies Group: Jill Krefft, Jamie Rogers, Kelley Rowan, Rebecca Bakker, Stephanie Brenenson, and Brandie Thomas of the University Graduate School.

February 2 - Professional Development Leave at the FIU Libraries: A Benefit for Keeping Burnout at Bay!

Presenter: Gayle Williams

April 6 - "Digital Scholar Studio -- Interaction with Faculty and Students" included a tour following the presentation.

Presenters: Martin Kass, Rebecca Bakker, and Jennifer Fu

May 3 - "ORCID @ FIU"

Presenter: Stephanie Brenenson

June 1 - “Growing Your Research From Idea to Publication: A Case Study.”

Presenter: Barbara Sorondo

December 5 - "Discovery and Born-Digital Archiving: Open Source Preservation and Access"

Presenters: Bryan Cooper and Margarita Perez

April 7 -  "How to Turn a Work Project into a Presentation or Publication."

Presenters: Peer Review and Research Committee including Adis Beesting, Douglas Hasty, Sarah Hammill, Tom Moore, Vicky Toranzo, and Stephanie Brenenson

May 5 - "Introduction to Macro Express"

Presenter: Eduardo Fojo

June 2 - "First Thursday with a Twist"

Presenters: Denisse Solis, Enrique Caboverde, and Jordan Jones

October 9 - "Copyright"

Presenter: Thomson "Tom" Moore

November 6 - "Next Generation ILS"

Presenter: Anne Prestamo

February 5 - "How to Choose a Focus for Your Research and/or Career"

Presenters: Peer Review and Research Committee

April 2 - "What's Special about Special Collections?"

Presenter: Vicki Silvera

May 7 - "Introduction to SPSS" workshop in GL280

Presenter: Barbara Sorondo

May 1 - "Spatially enabled Smart Campus and Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) for Community Based Learning"

Presenter: Jennifer Fu

November 8 - "IR Services and All That"

Presenter: Jill Krefft

January 3 - "The Coral Gables Virtual History Project"

Presenters: Jennifer Fu, Jamie Rogers, and Boyuan Guan

June 6 - "Everglades Digital Library, Discovery System and Data Visualization"

Presenters: Jamie Rogers, Jennifer Fu, and Bryan Cooper

FALL 2011

September - Gayle Williams on Latin American and Caribbean Studies

October - George Pearson on Humanities

December - Bryan Cooper on “The Elephant in the Library: the Hathi Trust, Google and Everglades Discovery"

December - Lauren Christos on 19th Century Masterfile ??


January - Sarah Hammill on ?

February - Patricia Pereira-Pujol on Science

March - Patricia Pereira-Pujol on Engineering

April - Stephanie Brenenson and Dean Laura Probst on Scholarly Communication in Flux

May - Marissa Ball on Women's Studies ??

FALL 2010

The 1st First Thursday, December 2010 - Reference and Government Documents departments


January - Scott Kass on Hospitality and Tourism

February - Lori Driver on Government Documents

April - Adis Beesting on Education and Psychology

June ?- Susan Weiss on South Florida Resources

July - Stephanie Brenenson on Architecture and Religious Studies

August - Jamie Rogers on Digital Collections