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ECS3021 / Women, Culture, & Economic Development

Resource guide for Professor Irma Alonso's ECS3021 Course.

Module 1

1.  Review and fully familiarize yourself with the course and site. Print and read the course syllabus and course calendar;

2.  Take the syllabus quiz;

3.  Introduce  yourself  to   the   class;  contact   at  least   one   of your classmates with the purpose of selecting a team member;

4.  Post to the Discussion Board your team and the country your team has selected to analyze.


This library guide will walk you through each step of your assignment.  Be sure to use the Resources page to help you throughout each module.

Off-Campus Student Resources

After accessing the databases and resources, you may see   find it icon  -OR- find it icon small  in your search results, click this button to check for access to the full-text content. 

You can search the Libary Catalog for e-books and government documents or Course Reserves (the last checks for items your professor put on electronic reserve). Other resources for electronic resources include:

Using "Find it @ FIU"

So, what's Find it @ FIU?
It's an OpenURL link resolver.  If you don't see a link to the full-text in a database, click the button/link labeled "Find It @FIU" that looks like this:
   to search for the full-text across 1,000+ databases.

Search FIU Libraries' Discovery Service