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Citation Analysis & Journal Rankings

Resources to help faculty measure journal, article and author impact factors.


Bibliometrics is used to evaluate the impact of a scholar's work and/or determine the importance of a journal within a particular field (impact factor).

This is a guide to assist with bibliometrics and citation analysis.

If you want... Go to
 Citation counts for your research publications Author Impact
 To see who’s citing you Author Impact
 Your impact as a researcher (rather than a journal)  Author Impact
 The ranking or impact factor of a specific journal  Journal Impact
 Additional resources including a glossary of terms  More Information


Some of this guide's content and template are modified from a guide created at Arizona State University's Library by Lydia LaFaro and Linda Shackle. The original guide can be viewed here. Thank you to the librarians who created the original guide and permitted us to use some of its content.

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