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ASN3410 / Introduction to East Asia

Professor Masako Kubota Introduction to East Asia Library Guide

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What is this?

This is a library guide to assist you with finding books, book chapters, and articles for your Group Collaboration Project using a Wiki.   

You will find some relevant resources on how and where to search for the different group topics in this course.  

Use this guide to:

  • Gather background information on on your area of study.
  • Search for additional information on the specific area of study.
  • Search for articles, books, and book chapters on the food culture of the area and people's eating habits.  
  • Analyze and understand the difference between a scholarly resources and sources like Wikipedia.

Remember to Evaluate your Sources!  

Wikipedia is NOT a scholarly source!

Assignment Requirements

Research Question: Can you open a McDonald's successfully in your area?  


1-1 Research the history of the selected area

1-2 Research the food culture of the area and people's eating habits


2-1 Choose at least 10 sources (books & peer-reviewed journal articles) to find out what others think about your area and the food culture

3-1 Find data, charts, and facts that describe your supposition


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