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Corporate Culture of China ASN3143

Pr. Claudia Lau

Welcome and Overview

Welcome to the helpful LibGuide for Corporate Culture of China

In the syllabus, you have several projects listed requiring research. Below please find a list of how each of the tabs can be of service to you in this course:

1. Find Articles:

This tab is a business-specific resource. If you click into it, you will see further tabs with one for BUSINESS CASES. There you will                              find links to our resources on case studies in business. FIU Libraries subscribes to Emerald Business Cases and SAGE Business Cases.

2. Find Company & Industry Info: 

This tab falls under the same business-specific resource category. It lists our resources for individual company information. Mergent is the "best bet" database for public companies. PrivCo is the top choice for private companies. 

3: Find News, Blogs, & Newspapers

A list of links to news media websites is found in your syllabus. Please also consider this link to library resources to find news articles, media blogs, and articles found in newspapers online. Here you will find links to Access World News database and FIU-accessible publications like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Scroll through and try them out for yourself. 

4. Resources on East Asia

Here are links to a plethora of databases to which FIU Libraries subscribes. Of note are the first two databases listed: 

5. County Information Databases

FIU Libraries offers many general resources on country information. For your purposes, you'll want to check out The Economist Intelligence Unit's reports:

  • Country Finance

    Guide to the changing financial operating conditions, tax laws, investment opportunities, banking and other financial services in 45 principal financial markets.

  • Country Report 

    Covers nearly 200 countries and help you keep pace with how national, regional and global events will affect your business in the short to medium term.

6. Process: Research and Search Strategies 

General library help for all your research and searching needs!

7. Evaluation & Feedback

Provide input on our services or fill out a quick evaluation to let us know how we are doing.

8. Ask Us/Contact Us

For any further questions or comments, you can contact us during regular hours and weekend afternoons via our virtual reference services or send a question to Ask a Librarian.